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Life, Ministry, and Mission at Trinity

At Trinity, we believe that God calls us to care for one another as well as for those beyond our doors. Our life together as a congregation includes a variety of spiritually nurturing groups and relationships, as well as opportunities for mission in the larger community.

We are involved in an ongoing journey together to discover what it means for us to live out the Mission statement we’ve taken from Micah 6:8: “Do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God,” and try to weave these themes throughout our life together. Sometimes we think that “doing justice” is the hardest one—at others, it seems that “walking humbly with God” is the real challenge.

Children at Trinity feel respected and valued, and often have opportunities for leadership and participation that might not be available to them at a larger church. It is not uncommon to see a child as young as 6 raise his or her hand during “Joys and Concerns” to share a prayer request as simple as being glad that school is almost over, to asking us to pray for their friend, whose mother has been sick.

At Trinity, folks feel safe to explore what they believe and to share with one another in the ups and downs of life. People’s faith experiences are as personal and diverse as the rest of our life together. Caring for one another is our highest priority.


Women’s Group

The Women's Spirituality Group gathers women to address questions like: “How does being a woman in today’s world effect our views of God, spirituality, church, religion, and life?” and “How can we help one another as women to live our faith more effectively and authentically?”

Over the years, activities and events have ranged from retreats, book studies, hikes, helping one another with household projects and renovation, “Covenant Groups” (small groups who covenanted to meet weekly for spiritual exploration), Bible Study, and worship. We seek to support one another's spiritual journeys, to grow in our understanding of God, to explore a variety of imagery for God and to honor one another's perspectives. We also have a lot of fun! and provide each other with support and encouragement through the ups and downs of life.

  • A Virtual Women's Spirituality retreat, with activities and readings to do at home, some opportunities to connect on Zoom, and other suggestions for taking some time to recharge.  Watch for further information, and contact Larraine Longhurst or Kathy for further information or if you have a suggestion for an activity!


Youth Group

Faith is more caught than it is taught. When we consider the influences along our faith journey it is usually the personal influence and examples of teachers and role models that have made the difference rather than lessons learned. Youth group is a vital part of the process as teens are seeking both deep, healthy relationships and community where faith makes a real difference and strong leaders who will make a profound difference in their life. Youth fellowship provides the necessary small group experience teens crave where they can talk about what matters to them and experience many fun and zany events and games that help them know the church can be fun!

This year Trinity's Youth Group will meet with the fellowships groups from Scotia Reformed and First Reformed in Schenectady (in the Stockade). Each of us have a similar number of youth and think that combining our youth we can do more exciting things. Each meeting will start with a dinner prepared by the kids. The combined youth group's will meet about twice/month. See Pastor Tim if you have questions. (Covid19 has temporarily required the group to meet via Zoom.)


Each year at Super Bowl Sunday the Trinity Youth Group has the "Souperbowl".  Here's a past  video commercial: Soup Wars 


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